Branding yourself a business never been easier! Instantly use the 3D template, decorated with modern cubes symbol, to make a 3D logo online. Design Free Logo Online allows you to create a logo for free in just a few minutes. This is the perfect branding name solution for small businesses. Every company aspiring for success should have a 3D Cubes logo that represents your name brand.

For example, the 3D Cube symbol used for branding a interior designer, packaging company, website design companies, Innovation organizations, etc. Furthermore, the 3D icon might be great choice for enterprises that specializes in computers, startup, SEO, marketing.

Our graphic designers created high-resolution vector logos to choose an online catalog. Select your favorite template that works best for your brand. Online logo making never been faster! Design Free Logo Online brings you the most advanced online emblem maker. Use the best 3D Cubes logo generator to get your brand to the front. Instantly, and without registration, generate your own modern logo design ideas.

Best of all, design it yourself without any special graphic designer skills. With multiple color selection and original fontseasily make your own professional innovative name-brand in minutes. Be your own 3D logo designer for free! Instantly download your new basic innovative symbol from our website.

In addition, receive it via E-mail within only 24 hours!

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Use it for all your business branding needs on a variety of platforms. Advertise it on Business Cards, Letterhead, Flyers, website or blog.

3d cube psd

Additionally, Place the transparent PNG logo on top of a picture. Showcase your logo in the most innovative way. Promote your business with Video Logo Animation.

Every day by day, competition is growing fiercer in the market and a company aspiring to be successful and stand out from the crowd needs to invest in every area of its branding. Creating a 3D emblem for your business and brand helps to enhance the attractiveness of your logo to your customers. That is a great way to create a positive impression of the brand in their minds. A 3D logotype also helps you stand out from the so many similar brands to yours as it helps you replace all the conventional and traditional logo designs that look very similar to others.

While you can always walk up to a professional designer to help create a 3D logo for your company, it is important that you understand the basic dynamics and benefits this type of logo design has to offer your company.

A 3D logotype does not only attract prospective customers to your product or services, but it also serves as a great way to showcase the values, standard and overall vision of your company to them. A 3D logo is no doubt, a very eye-catching logo design.

So your symbol becomes a versatile one that goes perfectly on any platform, including social media, mobile applicationsweb pages, and other platforms.If you are looking for skills that will help you in creating cubes, and understanding gradients etc, this tutorial is perfect for you.

Start with a square.

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Here I made a new document X, created a new layer and filled it with a gradient. Click on the right middle square and drag up until you get your desired angle. Duplicate the layer. You may also want to make this side a bit thinner by clicking the left middle square node and drag it in a little bit.

Create a new layer and make another square and fill it with the same gradient, this time make the lightest color at the bottom left. Be sure the corners fit nice and snug. This step will take a bit of practice to master. Finally select the top of the cube. Repeat for the left side. This step adds more realistic lighting to the cube. Ta-da A complete cube.

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You can use this effect for all kinds of shapes. You can even construct a cube out of pictures. Just use images instead of the gradients. Join our list to receive more tutorials and tips on Photoshop. Get exclusive tutorials, discounts and the free super guides. No spam, all content, no more than once a week. If not, sign up now and get the CS6 Superguide for free. Or click the image below. The video to make the 3D photo cube in PS was awesome! Can someone help me out?

LOL Seriously.

Make 3D Photo Cube in Photoshop (and animate it)

Your email address will not be published. How to make HDR Panorama photos. You can The Ultimate Photoshop Resource. Customer Support Cart. Toggle navigation. Otherwise, read on! Step 1 Start with a square.

3d cube psd

Drag out the copy to the left. Hold down the shift key to keep the baselines aligned. Step 5 Create a new layer and make another square and fill it with the same gradient, this time make the lightest color at the bottom left. Step 7 Finally select the top of the cube.

Step 8 Ta-da A complete cube. Get in-the-know!We're sorry, but Freepik doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Support Contact. Vector illustration of a realistic, transparent, glass cube isolated on a gray background.

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Program product buying, addition installation concept, developing and creation of website. Flaticon Free customizable icons. Stories by Freepik Free editable illustrations. Hello, Sign in Sign in or Sign up. Edit profile. Pimp my cookie. Abstract isometric 3d geometric outline shapes set microone Set of geometry shapes grfxrf A set of cube icons with a perspective 3d cube model with a shad writerfantast Set of colorful toy bricks with letters, primulakat 9.

Bright colored vector bricks building tower primulakat 8. Geometric memphis design elements collection gohsantosa2 Abstract seamless geometric pattern. Abstract boxes background artistdesign13 Wooden realistic vector blank bricks building tower primulakat.

Refreshing cocktail with ice cubes lemon slice and mint leaves KamranAydinov 0. Box mockup starline 54k Blank boxes freepik 54k Abstract background design quinky 7k Cubes background freepik 32k Interesting cubical yellow architecture wirestock Top view of cola, cold tea or water with ice cubes upklyak 30 6.

Frame with ice cubes and ice cream freepik 5. Solid geometric shapes set macrovector 2k Gradient colorful tridimensional shapes background pikisuperstar 1k Crystal cube freepik 14k Infographic template with colorful cubes new7ducks 5k Background with cubes freepik 7k Solid body transparent set macrovector 1k Abstract outlined cube logo 3ab2ou 29k Tridimensional cubic infographic freepik 61k Cube graphic foxive 8k Cubes infographic freepik 9k White 3d paper style background freepik 3k Colorful cubes infographic freepik 4k Abstract background design quinky 3k Photos are now available on Vecteezy!

Prev 1 Next of Free vector isometric. Mathematical 3D Shapes. Geometrical Shapes Vector. Colored Cubes Background Vector. Free Infographics Elements Vector.

14 3D Cube PSD Text Effect Images

Sparkling 3D Cube Background Vector. Vector isometric. Abstract Colored Cubes Background. Free Prisma Vectors. Abstract 3d cubes background. Vector illustration of 3D cubes. Prisma Geometric Figures Vector.

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Cubes and 3d sphere infographic. Cube icon vector illustration. Colored cubes. Free Boxes Vector. Abstract Cube Background Vector. Green 3D Cube Vector Background. Melting 3D realistic chocolate cube, vector.This is our 3D cube logo design template. We know that the well-designed logo is probably one of the most important issues when it comes to designing a corporate identity.

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This 3D cube logo concept could be the perfect choice for a wide range of businesses, like box companies, corporations related to design, web development, internet and technology, etc. You can retouch every single element from this template.

The colors, shapes and effects are properly named and grouped for your convenience. With basic skills and few clicks in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or any other graphic editor you can easily fit this logo template to the purposes of your business. All you have to do is to click the button below and download this 3D cube logo for free!

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3d cube psd

Free Logo Design Templates. Description Comments. Backlink required to redistribute the article. Go to Free Download Page. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Follow us.Here is a fun tutorial. Note, at the end of this tutorial bottom of page I show you how to animate the cube.

Video tutorial. Start with a square photograph. You can learn how to make those here. You will see an option to with to the 3D workspace, accept this option.

Choose the 3D panel. Click on the 3rd button across, this is the materials panel where all the textures images are controlled from.

3D Cube Template – 17 + PSD, EPS Format Download

To add images to each surface, you are repeating the steps above for each face. We are adding another photo to the right face now. And here is your Final cube. Photoshop will create a higher quality purview when you render the 3D model and Lighting, this can take a while. Ok, once you have made the cube following these written instructions, or the video at the top, here is how you can animate it!

Find the cube under material. Click the stopwatch as shown. Select raytraced draft to test the animation.

3D Cube - AE Tutorial

If you like the video, export to video again. This time, change the 3D quality toRay Traced Final. Now, it will take hours to render, but the quality will be great. Make sure you hit render when you can go away and do something else. I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Add a comment and let me know what you think and let me know what types of tutorials you will like to see here at PhotoshopCAFE!We think we can grab this psd 3d file, for a moment seems can bring any advantage to you as ideas.

Below, we can see photoshop text effects psd, photoshop 3d text effect psd and cube 3d letters photoshop, likely we can grab among them for graphic materials to build our own creation. We should also get these photoshop 3d text effect psd, photoshop 3d text effects and photoshop 3d text effect psd, it's nice psd 3d.

It's possible to change the colors and replace all the elements after we download one of them. Last, We hope this gallery can give you more creativity, inspiration and also fresh ideas to create your new work. I can show you images in jpg, png and other printable images type. If you want to get some element of each images, you must download them on the source link.

We hope these 3D Cube PSD Text Effect is useful to you, or maybe your friends, so let's hit share button, in order they will see them too.

Cube 3D Letters Photoshop via. Photoshop 3D Text Effects via.

3d cube psd

Free 3D Text Effects via. Photoshop Face Effects via. Psd 3d. Gallery Type. Designing Tips: Contrast is one of the most compelling parts of the design mood, readability and to highlight. Use a palette of contrasting colors background, fonts and graphics.

But avoid the easy way, especially with the shading, gradients and effects. Many of the obvious methods can create predictable results because they are the tools everyone uses. If you notice you'll find your own way, with more original results Keep it simple, but do not forget your bases. Make sure that each item has a reason to be in the design and keep the number of fonts, colors, shapes and frames to a minimum.

Use contrasting color combinations tonal text is crisp and easy to read The most visually dominant characteristic in a design should be the most important part of the message.

Apply the color or scale of a chart to see how it changes the hierarchy of elements and which draws attention first. Category Vector. Sponsored Links. Comment Box Submit.