A second chapter. Yeah I'm being smarter with this time around, not trying to be a one trick pony. Just a heads up, I will use some timeskips here or there. Which it shouldn't result, for example my character being Lv 40 last chapter to like or anything in this one. More like a overview of what happen and such in the following days, weeks and most likely months story wise. Also, while I made the leveling seem small, I did that on purpose so that the everyday grunt would yield a or exp and anything less would be 40 to around exp.

First boss doesn't count as One, I was playing dark souls 3 so that influenced that. You don't start OP, but with the right set up it could be. Also I like to thank everyone who reviewed and like to point out, I'm not a writter. I'll try to write more in 3rd person view in fights but mostly in general. I don't write for a living so if I fuck up, I fuck up but I did that with the best that I had. I like to point out that people that are complaining that why he's getting power or why its too hard for him fighting someone who should be instantly dead.

Plot, 2. All souls game have little things like dogs, slugs, insect-bug like abominations, to everything that may seem like 'Don't worry, this guy is easy. There is people in the anime that fight ghoul's for living without specialized armor. There is Amon for one, that guy just uses regular armor and a quinque weapon to kill other ghoul's. There's top squads in the last four or so episodes in Tokyo ghoul 2nd season, not Re, that fight with only weapons and regular wear to kill.

Check out people like Akira Mado, her father, that one guy in white that covers his lower face, the squad in the Yoshimura SS owl fight, to the ultimate badass in the anime.

Arima Kishou, the Black Reaper of the CCG, the guy whose story is sad and fucked up and contains spoilers to the show, well more than I revealed. Back at point, he's strong, like final boss type strong, and I'm taking that shit to new heights. Some pointed out that Ve sounded weird but what I'm doing, is going to make the difference soon enough. Gamer fics, can add whatever bullshit into the story, even if that bullshit seems to good, it balances out in the end.

fanfiction gamer ability multiverse

Disclaimer: I do not own any content of anime, shows, games, and lastly other type media's. They all belong to respective owners and I only use them for my and others enjoyment without any claim beyond the idea of using them in my story.

Our 'home' for now was a good place, but I shared some concerns with Holiday who conceded, that it was better to look else where as a precaution just in case. The reason why, was because since I was ten times stronger than I previously was, that alarmed and intrigued Holiday at what caused a mutation.

Giving blood, bone, spinal fluid, and the one that I found funny to tease Holiday the most with, sperm samples. Getting both slapped, which still surprisingly hurt from a weakened ghoul, and enjoying the red-faced stammered doctor rushing away with my capped vials of bodily fluids. The odd thing that I notice instantly, was I got good gene's from the Waashu based on my second head being larger than I'm used to compared to my old life.

The problem however, was it took a while to ejaculate, seeing as my sex drive now has longer limits than before. I did get a bubbling feeling that helped but didn't know what that was.You have slept comfortably in your bed.

All HP and MP are restored, along with any temporary status effects are removed. Looking at the weird blue screen, with the words before my eyes. I've no clue if this is a dream or I'm somehow kidnapped by strange people to be forcibly put inside some testing capsule for the virtual gaming experiment. I frown when I realize this should be a good moment to panic, but all I felt was peace. Like something is forcing me to be calm against my will.

I thought about how to get this weird blue screen away from and it disappear instantly, much to my surprise. Carefully, I check my surroundings and let out a sigh of relief that I was still in my Bedroom. Nothing out of the ordinary beside that weird blue screen popping up the first thing I open my eyes from my sleep. Then it finally hit me; I jump out of my bed and rush toward my laptop.

Turning it on and search up the manhwa: The Gamer. Quickly, I speed read a few of the chapters from the beginning and try copying the MC and realized that I have the Gamer's ability. Well, a weird upgrade and downgrade version of the Gamer's ability.

Noteperformer 4

Which was shitty in my opinion. I tried doing thoughts command first before speaking out like a crazy person for talking to themselves. And surprisingly, I can open the status window and skills list window by thoughts instead of speaking them.

Beyond Dragon Ball Z: Future Gohan Vs Mecha Frieza! Future Trunks Meets King Cold And Frieza

Lvl: Level, a basic measure of experience and estimate of strength. When you get enough EXP you will level up and gain status points. HP: A representation of your life force and health. When HP reaches zero you will die.

fanfiction gamer ability multiverse

STR: Governs brute force. The higher your strength, the higher your physical output will be, whether be it attacks, movement or defense. END: Governs physical endurance. The greater your endurance, the greater your stamina and defense will be.

AGI: Governs reflexes, agility, coordination, speed and accuracy. The higher it is, the higher your speed, critical rate, dodge rate, and accuracy will be. INT: Governs the ability to process and store information, increases your mana control and efficiency. WIS: Governs sensibility, perceptiveness, willpower, and the ability to make information useful.

MAG: Governs magical energy. Increases mana pool, magic damage, and magic defense. LUCK: Luck controls how many events will be in your favor, and governs the quality and frequency of favorable opportunities. Increases drop rates, change for critical hits and favorability of events.

Does not increase naturally unless you experience a streak of good luck. I started thinking about why I gained the Gamer's ability now of all time; furthermore, my stats should be varied and not be evenly like a newly created RPG character. Also, I shouldn't even be a level 1 character. With the kind of life, I lived up to now. If what the stats' description going by is true, then these stats are all wrong. Either it based on myself instead of the world, then it's still wrong. If it was so, then it would be at 1 instead of Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Good Gamer Crossovers. Focus: General All Categories, Since: Founder: Ailsaficprompts - Stories: 83 - Followers: 1 - id: A fan of The Gamer web comic? This is a list of crossovers with any fandom, on-going or completed. In another, he is the legacy of something great. It takes the meddling of a god to bring both together. Now, how will Daniel deal with the expectations? Treating it all like a game, of course! Gamer fic, rewrite. Multiverse crossover, but only one at a time.

The Ink Is Dry by prettylittlepetticoats reviews 'He awoke with a gasp that he was sure travelled across the Narrow Sea' Jon Snow lives, but as a boy in Winterfell once more. He must fight for survival, for his family and to claim his birthright. All the while he must keep his darkest secret in the shadows, whilst playing the deadliest game of all. He is a song of ice and fire, a song ready to be sung. But now he bears that burden for more than just himself.

With the power of The Gamer, he just might be the next 1 Hero. Izuku as The Gamer. Expect changes to the 1-A roster Guess I should start on my plans to abuse Shadow Clones on the way to becoming Hokage—what do you mean I'm not Naruto? At least I've got this nifty ability to make up for it, but will it be enough of an edge to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the other monsters here?

A Cold Game by zombiechook reviews A man dies in a world where he does not belong. So why was there a blue box asking him to start a new game? Well, maybe this next world will be more interesting.You have slept in your bed. All negative status effects removed. I poke the blue window in front of my face. It feels solid and cool to the touch. I then press the X in the upper right corner and it is dismissed. I'm either dreaming or my schizophrenia is playing up again.

I know I'm Autistic and have an obsession with all things gaming but come on now. Bloody hell. Reality checking is a habit I've made in order to master lucid dreaming. Things including counting on one hand. Check hand looks normal and no extra fingers. Pinching myself. I get up out of bed and check my non digital watch, it reades No strange warping or extra numbers. Description: A bored male with no goals in life. Suffering from a plethura of mental and physical disabilities who has an obvious obsession with anything video game.

Looking at the screen that appeared. I cant help but be intrigued, perplexed, excited and even a little insulted. I've been dieting and exercising for near the past year and my stats look pretty shit and yet better then what i expected.

Your body no longer functions under normal biology. All damage done will instead be drawn from your 'HP' rather than actual damage. If you run out of HP you will not die, how ever you will enter a state known as 'Death's Door' in which all damage done while in this state will physically affect you. You have an 'Inventory', an abstract region of space, where you can store anything under a certian size limit and stack.

Leveling your 'Gamer's Body' can increase this limit. You can not access your 'Inventory while in 'Deaths Door'.Should the Gamer choose to play again the Gamer will have a chance to redo their life with a little help.

Should the Gamer choose not to play again their soul will go on to the afterlife. If I move on I have the chance to meet my parents, Siri, Remus, and everyone else, but the wizarding world will still be held back by Dumbledore. Well someone once said I had a stupid saving people thing.

After reading the last screen of the many that popped up a 'character selection' window appeared showing many different, me's? Going through them I read their descriptions and besides the first one which seemed like me, me, the only one that seemed to interest me was the Hadrian Jameson Potter. This character grew up the same as the original except for the fact that he didn't need glasses! Seeing as I already lived as Harry, I selected the Hadrian option.

Mail parser python

I shifted through the options to see what they did. In the end I ended up using the default settings because I had no real reason to change anything, well besides my scar which I moved to be hidden by my hair, and my need for glasses, but that's besides the point. As soon as I did I felt something pulling me toward the 'body' I was adjusting, and when the pulling stopped I felt my eyelids closing.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. My second attempt at Gamer Harry. Will be bashing many. I moved the dates into the 20th and 21st centuries. Harry's P. I have no words…' I thought as I read the blue screen in front of me. Would you like to play again? Chaos's Game Should the Gamer choose to play again the Gamer will have a chance to redo their life with a little help.

Welcome Gamer! Installing Chaos's Game v2. Customize your character! Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Omake 8. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

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Overlord Finale 9. Moving on DxD pt1 Why are heroes so pointlessly persistent DxD p A Dragon is fine too DxD pt3 Why do people seem so angry at me? DxD pt 4 It's cute that you think that you're the bad gu Armageddon for Beginners Nazarick An Incredible Failure Pokemon pt3 Start of my very own Injustice League Pokemon Who let this Asshole in here?

Pokemon pt5 I'm Easily Bored Remnant or Bust Grimm Tidings Just Yanging Around Beacon or Bust Hello Guys. I decided, after years of skulking in Fanfiction, to create a fanfiction. A fanfiction, well one of the most stereotypical types ever! I jumped up to see a pitch black room, with a glowing blue screen blinding my poor eyes.

I later realized that there is literally nothing else in this room. Just an endless expanse of night. I turned back to look at the screen, and it read.

fanfiction gamer ability multiverse

Description: Welcome to Yggdrasil, maintained by Gaia and Chaos. And guess who sponsors you? You got it, it's me, GAIA! Anyway, you should probably get to know the power invested to you.

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I collapsed on the floor with a rain cloud covering my head, despairing over my lost life. That emotion was nigh-instantly wiped a second later as an unnatural calm flushed over me. It appears that I do have "Gamer's Mind". Huh, neat. Anyway, [Status]. STR: 5 [Strength is how strong you can be. It affects inventory capacity and melee damage.

DEX: 5 [Dexterity is how quick or reactive you can be. It affects movement speed, evasiveness, and ranged accuracy. VIT: 5 [Vitality is how healthy you can be.

Lavarniya mishra bella agency

LUC: 5 [Luck is how lucky one is. It affects loot drops, critical hits, gambling, events, and everything else in between.

Okay then. I guess I should probably choose a name and allocate those stat points. It appeared that I only had the option of my first name, so I decided to choose the name, Ezra. You may ask, why, well with the potential that I'll have, I may as well be a helper. The only issue is that if I die before I get stronger than I can't do anything. So with that in mind, I decided to worry more about survivability, especially if I will get thrown straight into combat.